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Welcome to the History of Franklin County

Franklin County was surveyed between 1849 and 1852. The first town was Maysville, platted in1856. The town of Benjamin was also platted in 1856; its name was later changed to Hampton, which became the county seat. Hampton was incorporated in 1870, the same year the Central Iowa Railroad was completed through town. As more pioneers moved west after the Civil War and European immigrants arrived by train, additional communities were established on the prairies of Franklin County.

Franklin County, Hampton, Iowa is rich in history and preservation of historic sites. Efforts by local residents have been going on for many years. Take time to explore the community's historical treasures and the stories of their heritage and culture.

Franklin County, Iowa is rich with history. We are sharing this history with the Museum, Leander Reeves House, REA Power Plant, and the Harriman Nielsen Historic Farm. We invite you to learn more about the history of Franklin County.

On March 8, 1968, a meeting was held to discuss the possibility of organizing the Franklin County Historical Society. The local "As You Like It" club provided the financial and organizational help. The Iowa State Historical Society was used as a resource and a steering committee was established. A Board with county-wide membership was formed, but there was no place for the many donated items to be displayed and preserved. Dr. Donald Benge gave a building to the Society. The inside was renovated, display cases and shelves added, and the society opened its doors to the museum on October 5, 1976.